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The Power of Valuing Others and Embracing True Stories.

Updated: May 20

When we value the people around us, that's where real and true stories are made. When we are honest and surrounded by pure hearts, that's when we connect with those pure souls and create stories that we will cherish forever. I often wonder how fortunate I am to be able to witness such genuine stories in my life.

However, I feel extremely blessed and grateful that I do not have to resort to creating false tales. My stories are authentic and that's what connects people because it is based on truth and purity. When we value ourselves and show respect to those around us, that's when we truly connect with others and new stories naturally unfold on our life journey.

In my recent journey, I had the pleasure of meeting a remarkable old man named Galaiah Weaver from Siddipet. At 78 years old, he may not be able to weave anymore, but he has found a new passion in binding work.

As I sat beside him and observed him working with such precision and care, his gentle spirit and kind heart reminded me of my own grandfather. I couldn't help but strike up a conversation with him. He told me that he had lost his wife right after the Bathukamma festival and I could sense the deep void in his life. Despite this, he chose to keep himself busy with work because, as he put it, "If I sit at home, I will just sleep all the time."

Even though he struggles with his health at this age, he still had a smile on his face and even blessed me when I asked him about his earnings. He humbly stated that he earns only 1000 rupees a month but has to spend 1800 on medicines. The fact that he continues to work and pursue his passion at this age truly inspired me.

As our conversation came to an end, I moved outside to sit in the society. To my surprise, Galaiah came out to join me. Our bond formed in a simple moment as he sat next to me without saying a word. I couldn't resist asking him why he didn't go for lunch. His response touched my heart as he said, "I will come for lunch, but it's okay if you just give me a pickle." His simplicity and contentment truly radiated divinity.

This encounter taught me a valuable lesson - that sometimes, the simplest interactions with strangers can leave the biggest impact. The bond that formed between Galaiah and me in just a short amount of time cannot be explained or put into words. It reminded me that true relationships are formed on a divine level, not necessarily through blood ties.

Galaiah Weaver, a weaver by profession, has dedicated his life to producing new designs for the society. As women, we wear his creations and flaunt them, but rarely do we stop to think about the person behind them. Join me as I continue to share stories like these and spread awareness about the unsung heroes of our society.

Have a great day!

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