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Driving in a Sixyards has always been my favorite experience! Many times people wonder if it is even possible to drive in a saree, they also contemplate and choose an easier dress code for driving, especially long distances. Often people feel that sarees are a dress code for traditional occasions or festivals but I feel it's time we challenge this thought and embrace it for driving as well. I never feel any discomfort while driving in a Sixyards. Since I have a special love for handloom sarees and love driving too, I thought I must go for it.

Infact, it is a perfect blend of feminism with adventure! There's definitely no debate on the the feel, luxury and the dignity a hand-woven handloom saree adds to one's personality.

Mahindra Thar gave me the content of a 'Sixyards charm, grace and elegance, all combined in one power-packed driving experience'.

I am fascinated by provenance, what drives the artist weavers imagination and also by the skill of the handloom. This handloom saree that I'm wearing is unique in itself. What I love the most is that the fabric is lovingly created by human hands with utmost patience, warmth, love and hope woven in threads. Handloom is a fabric woven on a loom that is manually operated by the weaver ‘with his own bare hands’.

Driving in a six yards for me, is an art that involves persistence besides skill and seamless effort. I've learnt from experience that, "It's not what you drive, it's how you drive."

Let's support the weaving community and Indian Handloom. Let us collectively work towards a day when we wholeheartedly embrace handloom and find beauty in it. A day, when we are able to listen to even the untold stories of handloom. A day, when we don’t just drape a saree, but feel the soul of it.

- Vedica Saxena

Launch of website - (Kavidhara Handlooms & Handicrafts Producer Company Ltd, Narayanpet) by Dr. S.Arun Kumar - Head of Office, Weaver's Service Centre - Hyderabad on 11.12.2020

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